Two great books we have been eyeballing for you spec/invest collectors.



In this issue we get a first appearance of The One Below All and two others. These characters will more then likely be around for a while. Donny Cates has already mentioned that they will be pulled into the new GOTG series. CVR B with these characters seems to be the one to watch. This Geoff Shaw variant seems to be drying up on eBay quickly, fetching anywhere between $30-$40CAD.




This is an interesting one that not only did it fly under my radar but many others, so much that you can definitely still find this in the wild. The art and writing is very well done. Brian Michael Bendis has said that this character will be leading us into a much bigger roll in the DC Universe. Many speculators and reviewers have been comparing the character Naomi gaining popularity much like Miles Morles. IMO I feel like this will be a great long term hold.

I only fOUND two on the bay going for $15 and $20.




SPAWN #293 B&W Variant Error

I've been flooded with question about this book and heres my opinion...

Yes, it is a hot book. No, it's not based on the error which a lot of shops are using to "PUMP N' DUMP" on their customers. Yes, the book is hot because of the appearance of "GODSEND", however in the Spawn series we get a new character once a month it seems. Will this character lead into the Milestone issue #300 which Mcfarlane has already said is going to be huge, we don't know.

Now, with the error aspect of the issue Diamond has already sent out emails to retailers stating the issue is NOT recalled and they can sell it and within the month however many issues they ordered replacement will be sent to them, which to me that means there will be twice the amount of issue #293 out there. That kind of makes me want the CVR B Virgin with less printed instead.

If you really want the CVR C B&W please don't spend more than $20, $30 if you're a huge Spawn fan.


Diamond Email


That's it, that's all. Remember, SPEC SMART MEMBERS!

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